The Weather

As you have probably heard, the favourite British topic of conversation is the weather. If a Brit is making small talk with a stranger in a lift, passing time with a close friend, or anyone in between, you can be sure that the subject of the weather will come up in the conversation.

Here are some ‘weather words’ – try to allocate them to the following headings:

Wind,   Water,   Wind and Water,   Neither wind nor water,   Measuring instruments, Consequences of the Weather.

hurricane   barometer   blizzard   avalanche   drought   flood   rain-gauge   sleet

draught   cyclone   thermometer   tsunami    gale    typhoon   hail   breeze

storm   tornado    heat wave    drizzle   downpour lightning thunder mist

fog   puddle    overcast   clouds    wind-sock   monsoon   landslide    dew

frost   damp

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