Forget Americanisms!

Many people have learnt their English from an American teacher. Believe me, British English is almost a different language. There are over 4000 words of vocabulary which are different and there is no logic in their formation. There is also different grammar, different spelling (when the words are the same), and of course different pronunciation (try aluminium as an example!!!)

Below are 24 common examples, British in column 1, American in column 2


Autumn                           Fall

Bill                                    Check

Biscuit                              Cookie

Car Park                           Parking Lot

Chemists                          Drugstore

City Centre                       Downtown

Curtains                           Drapes

Film                                  Movie

Flat                                  Apartment

Garden                            Yard

Handbag                         Purse

Holiday                           Vacation

Lift                                  Elevator

Lorry                               Truck

Pavement                      Sidewalk

Petrol                            Gas

Rubbish                         Garbage

Sweets                           Candy

Tap                                 Faucet

Term                              Semester

Timetable                       Schedule

Trousers                        Pants

Underground                  Subway

Wardrobe                      Closet

I will add more – please feel free to add any that you think misleading and/or important


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